Seth Godin, a great Marketing specialist, once said that the job of any marketer is to connect  and interact people in such a way that it leaves them better than we found them and more able to get where they’d like to go.

My name is Jason Bholanauth and I am the MCVP Marketing and Communications of AIESEC Mauritius. To begin, a little insight of my AIESEC Ride. I joined in March 2012 as a member of AIESEC UOM. I was in an iGCDP project for two months, where I learn a lot about people and myself. Then, it was time for new challenges – I applied for OCP but didn’t get it. Back then, I considered it as a real failure but it was a blessing in disguise cause I joined the Communication Department ( Here I need to really thank Bilaal and my former VP, Darpana who saw in me some potential) where I started as a simple “Poster Guy” – i.e the guy behind posters.
And today Im still doing the COMMS Ride. Enough of me now, Let’s talk a bit about the present time.
The Actual Ride

More than an Organization, AIESEC is here to make you find your Passion. I am Passionate about Marketing. It was not easy at the beginning. In fact, When I started the MCVP Journey, I thought my role would be only to manage Communication in AIESEC. But then I was also given the Marketing Portfolio. Here’s the thing – If you want to give your best, sometimes you need to put a little bit more effort. So I learnt, I read books, watch videos, talked to local Marketer and I am still learning. Marketing became my environment where I am the most productive.
AIESEC Mauritius Marketing
I started the term with a vision and a motto – My vision was to see AIESEC Mauritius known and taken as an example in the African Region and my motto was “Lets create something big enough so that no one would ask – Where’s Mauritius?” I started with creating the brand of AIESEC Mauritius but I was also aware that it will take time – So I decided to lay the foundations. The best campaign so far was #HelloMauritius.
We managed to reach 8000 people via our Facebook page and we were ranked First page in Mauritius and 3rd in the world according to a recent ranking by Meltwater. The campaign also helped us to get 60 EPs application for our projects and locally we were able to engage our members and externals as well. Internationally, AIESEC Mauritius Marketing Strategies were taken as Good Case Practices and sent to all AIESEC Entities across the world and here is where AIESEC Mauritius was BIG ENOUGH to be recognized.
My Success Tip to AIESECers
I started my career in Communication doing posters. But this was not a reason for me to give up. Once you realize that every single job, roles or task in AIESEC is important then be sure that you made the first step to success and most importantly always reflect on the why you are in AIESEC. If you want things to be done in a proper way – be more confident and aim high because be sure if you are aiming at it – You can actually do it.

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