7 things to remember when creating a marketing strategy

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Marketing is not limited to a marketing department or specific people, it’s all the communication associated with your business; and the principles are exactly the same as in human communication – you will be judged on your appearance, character and actions. When setting a marketing strategy, the key is to…

The Science of Advertising

According to a recent study from Microsoft, people lose concentration after eight seconds. To put that into perspective, that’s one second less than the attention span of a goldfish. Now this information is important to Marketers and Advertising agency. In fact, in this constant business evolution, business often fail because they are unable to make their brand nessage … More The Science of Advertising

What are the 5 Important Concept in Marketing Philosophy?

Every company or organization has a particular concept or philosophy regarding its marketing strategy. The core purpose stays the same however, to enable the bridge between the product to the consumers. Related to that, Henry Ford invented the mass production and enabled the concept of if you work more, you grow the company and increase … More What are the 5 Important Concept in Marketing Philosophy?

SHARE A COKE WITH… Things you should know

It took 5 years for Coca Cola “Share a Coke” campaign to come to Mauritius. Launched recently by Phoenix Beverages, this concept is relatively new to our island while the global campaign is phasing out. “Share a Coke” campaign started in Australia in 2011 and increased the sales by 7% when the beverage industry was dropping … More SHARE A COKE WITH… Things you should know

Emotions in Marketing

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The young lady in I Will What I Want campaign is Misty Copeland. She was rejected as ballet candidate because she didn’t fit the norms of Ballet. Watching this video has, I am sure, some emotions in you. You might be saying there is hope and that you can do what you…

How to ensure Conversion in your Marketing Strategies?

Most Digital Marketers are doing everything to increase conversion from customers to promoters while thinking of the ROI of their website. Every brand wants to have high number of promoters advocating their products. What are the strategies in increasing the conversion rate in your marketing strategy – This article will outline 3 of them. But, … More How to ensure Conversion in your Marketing Strategies?