SHARE A COKE WITH… Things you should know

It took 5 years for Coca Cola “Share a Coke” campaign to come to Mauritius. Launched recently by Phoenix Beverages, this concept is relatively new to our island while the global campaign is phasing out. “Share a Coke” campaign started in Australia in 2011 and increased the sales by 7% when the beverage industry was dropping because of bottled water and low-calorie sports drink.

How does the campaign work?

When I thought about it, the campaign is basically simple – but you had to be genius to see the opportunity of personalized brand products. Coca Cola figured out that people like to have one-to-one relationship with their product. After-all happiness is when you have a connection with the people around you and why not have a product connecting yourself even more.

In Mauritius, the campaign was launched in late Winter period and I expect it to grow so big that you will surely find “Share a Coke with Family” on Christmas or New Year. People rushing to find that particular bottle as a gift. After a deep-through analysis, millennial name (300 in all) that are most common to the island are printed on 500 ml and 300 ml Coca Cola products.


What made the campaign successful?

The innovative concept: This new concept is new to Mauritius and we have an eagerness of the customers to find the bottles with their name on it. People love to have close and personal relationship with the brand.

Social Media: The Marketing Campaign is such that it runs by itself.The customers are the promoters of the brand. I am sure that if you go on Social Media, you will surely find a picture of someone proud to see his/her name on a Coca Cola bottle. The User Generated Content reduced the advertising cost of Coca Cola and showed the brand love of its customers.

Iconic Bottle and long time brand: The company built upon the several years of strong brand existence and find an innovative approach to increase its sale before the downfall.

Going beyond the fact that the bottles are customized, the approach per country is also customized. For a multi-cultural island like Mauritius, the Marketing approach brought forward the diversity that link people together. And, when you are able to bring cultures together around a coke, this another reason why the campaign is working great.


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