How to ensure Conversion in your Marketing Strategies?

Most Digital Marketers are doing everything to increase conversion from customers to promoters while thinking of the ROI of their website. Every brand wants to have high number of promoters advocating their products. What are the strategies in increasing the conversion rate in your marketing strategy – This article will outline 3 of them.

But, of course – Conversion Strategies are countless and at the end – Marketers should be People oriented.

Helvetia Map

1. Know your Unique Value Proposition

Every company, product or service has a Unique Value Proposition (UVP). It defines your activities and how you interact with your customers. Your UVP also often reflects on the success of your company. In fact, if you manage to identify exactly what makes you different from your competitors and leverage on that – you are sure to position yourself strongly in your niche.

While identifying your Unique Value Proposition, you should be able to answer these following questions.

• What’s in it for me (the customer)?

• How does this company/ product/service

– solve my stated (explicit) or understood (implicit) problem

– give me what I need

– and/or fulfill my wants?

• Why should I do business with you?

• Why now?

The next step will be to eventually showcase your Unique Value proposition with graphics and experiences that you deliver to your customers.

2. Be clear

The time we spend on a website is decreasing. We now spend an average of 8.5 seconds on a website and if Digital Marketers are not able to spread the messages in a clear way – The customers will just leave. We are not here to disrupt the customer and annoy him but more to ensure a smooth walk along to the path to become a brand advocate. These are some must that your creative lab should be doing to ensure that at the end your customers are happy.

– Ensure that your Unique Value Proposition is obvious in your different touch points. (Website, stand or even the product itself.)

– Do not send the customers upon a long series of clicks or data entry form. Your call to actions should be clear and short. Remember the customer doesn’t have time to lose.

– Your designs are clear and allow the user to experience your UVP.

3. Promote what people are saying about you

Digital Marketers should listen more to the customers. In fact, your customers are more likely to by your brand if they know other people did it before. It has been proven that word of mouth is the strongest medium. When you are able to translate word of mouth into testimonials, graphics or even videos – You get more chances to convert a visitor to your brand promoter. These are some ideas to do it.

– Use a rating system where users can rate their experiences with the brand.

– Show your Social Media websites.

– Create a Content Marketing Plan with User Generated Content strategy.

Helvetia Map

The Market out-there is like a rough sea and your business is the safe land. Your job as a Digital Marketer is to bring your customers to the safe land. Be the LIGHTHOUSE and ensure that your customers have a smooth voyage to your Safe Land.


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