Emotions in Marketing

The young lady in I Will What I Want campaign is Misty Copeland. She was rejected as ballet candidate because she didn’t fit the norms of Ballet. Watching this video has, I am sure, some emotions in you. You might be saying there is hope and that you can do what you are not able to do. You feel the little push that inspire you to greatness and as Misty achieve your dream.

Emotions in Marketing can be powerful motivators to inspire actions in people. We are talking more and more about the shift from customer centric to people centric marketing, Hence, the need of emotions to connect and engage people to your brand. This article will take you through 3 different emotions used in Marketing together with concrete case studies.

1) Love

Love is one of the most powerful emotions that connects people to the brand. In this nice video from Coca Cola, the brand embrace its customers and spread love through their vending machine. Love brings the sense of belonging to between people and the aim of Marketers is to foster this Love in people and make it grow with their product. Imagine if your brand can connect people together and spread love.

2) Fear

We all fear the bad things that may happen to us and to our loved ones. In Marketing, Fear can easily trigger actions in people. Usually, a company will tell its customers all the bad things that can happen to them if they don’t use their product or don’t act in a certain way.

3) Guilt

This can be a very controversial emotions used in Marketing. However, it create a sense of urgency and calls for action. Human nature by nature is good and guilt make us remember it. NGOs campaign uses the guilt feeling most of the time to urge humanity to take actions and not stay blind in-front of what is happening.

As Alvin Teoh said during Brand Magic Summit , I had the pleasure to attend, – as Marketers, designers or any organization – We need to enrich lives not disrupt them. We need to produce the kind of work that compels people to think, feel and respond.

Our job is to change the world, so let’s create the movement that will.

– Jason Bholanauth


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