How to: Create Design Process


Design is a wonderful world, yet it is sometimes very complex and creative at the same time. This week in BELIEVE, I am writing about the basic steps most agencies tend to follow in coming with the perfect master-piece.

committee-icon Meet.

The first step in coming up with the masterpiece is to meet your client or your contact to get the maximum knowledge about the business and the expectations. The first contact is very important to set up the mood during the project. You can read more about the pre-meeting in the nice article writen on Millo



Get onto the internet, books or articles to know more about your client’s industry area and competitors. You also need to do a little bit more research onto the client’s company – a bit of history is never harmful. All these data and information will help you design the best solutions for your clients.



Based on your research and the brief description of client’s expectations and needs, make some proposals that will help you to have a visual approach of the different solutions you can propose. Sketch as much as you can while staying true to the end idea. Several sketch ideas can be mixed to create an amazing design idea.



From your different sketches, you can come up with 3 or more proposals that according to you best suit the design brief. Usually, 3 proposals will be presented to the clients.



You present the 3 finally chosen ideas to the clients. You will have to support the idea presentation explaining how they will benefit the company. Make sure that you have enough proven facts about the expected outcome that an idea can produce.



Together with the client, select one from the many proposals you made and focus on it. The aim in this step is to align to the expectations and goals set in the beginning of the process. Refining can take one or two steps.



Launch your design on different platforms. Make sure you have the end idea in different formats. Quality on different platforms very often depends on the format they are saved.

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