Why some people succeed while others fail to do so. Some will tell you that it’s because of education, finance, the way you do things. These are all good but one important thing, in my opinion, is the motivation behind a task. Sometimes it can be good or not.Lets take a concrete example. We take the candle experiment. So, for those who don’t know the candle experiment, let me explain. There are two groups of people, I won’t use the term subjects. These people are given a box, a candle, some pins and matches. The aim is to see how many time you will figure out how you would stick the candle to a wall without letting it melt onto the table.One of the group was given a reward, if only they succeeded in figuring out how to do this experiment quicker than the other group.It happen that the group without reward succeeded the experiment quicker than the other group. Why so? Because, the aim to get the reward restricted the cognitive thinking in front of this experiment thus they were less focus on the experiment but rather on the reward. This shows that you have to put your motivation on the right thing and the right aim.I can talk more on this.Google has this system where for one hour all the employees have the right to work on something personal during the working hours. they think freely and hence are more creative. Because their motivation is in something on which they have no stress working on.It is quite subjective, for example the horse wears blinders that makes them focus on the race rather on their surroundings. But, we are not animals.


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